WFP Systems

Questions and Answers

Q - What is a Water Fed Pole?

A - Water fed poles are simply connected to a pure water machine via a hose, a brush head is attached to the end of the pole.The pole is normally telescopic and is extended to the appropriate height the water switched on and the correct technique used to gently agitate the dirt on the window allowing the bristles and pure water to do all the work, then a simple rinse by drawing the brush head a few inches from the glass and letting the pure water wash away any debris.

Q - Why do windows cleaned with WFP’s stay cleaner longer?

A - Because window cleaners usually clean the frames as well as the glass with this technique, and because no detergents are used the glass surface is completely free of residue which can capture dirt.

Q - What happens if normal tap water is used?

A - Domestic tap water although it looks pure, contains lots of dissolved chemicals such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride. When the water dries on the window it leaves powdery deposits of these on the glass (appearing as white streaks and spots). Pure water has these chemicals removed leaving a crystal clear finish.

Q - How efficient is the WFP process? Will it clean off Bird mess?

A - The cleaning power of the water itself along with the abrasiveness of the brush heads removes most every day deposits like, snail and caterpillar trails, putty marks, finger prints, and bird mess.